Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jack Ruby was innocent of shooting Oswald, and it is the second-most important fact about the JFK assassination, after the fact that Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shots. And, if you don't grasp the fact that Ruby was innocent, you are completely and totally in the dark about the JFK assassination. 

There is absolutely no doubt that Jack Ruby doubles were out and about that weekend. Look how many Jack Ruby sightings there were in Dealey Plaza, despite the fact that there is no doubt that Jack Ruby was at the Dallas Morning News office- as he claimed. There were multiple witnesses of that from secretaries to agents and even Hugh Aynesworthy.

There is the fact that Ruby denied going to Parkland Hospital, and he had absolutely no reason to lie about it. So, I don't know who Seth Kantor saw there, but it was not the real Jack Ruby.

There was even a report about Jack Ruby being at the Texas Theater, several rows behind Oswald, and that was by George Applin. There is no chance that it is true. 

Likewise, there is no chance that Ruby was at the Dallas PD on Friday afternoon stalking Oswald. Do you understand that at 2:00 Friday he was at the Carousel Club on the phone with his sister? There are not only witnesses to it; there is the phone record of it. Who else would be calling his sister from the Carousel Club?

Think about the implications of them having a Jack Ruby double at the Dallas PD. You can't fish up a double for someone overnight. It requires a production.  And it's not something that the Dallas Police could have done.  It smacks of the CIA. 

Do you realize that we hear absolutely nothing about the CIA being on the scene that weekend? Where is there a single reference to a CIA agent being spotted or playing any role whatsoever? However, we know that the JFK assassination was a CIA operation headed by former director of the CIA Allen Dulles. We know that Dulles' longtime mistress Mary Bannister was best friends with Ruth Paine's mother-in-law, and that, undoubtedly, that is how Ruth Paine got recruited. And, we know there was a torrent of photographic alteration that weekend, and that was not the doing of the Dallas Police, and probably not the FBI either. That was the CIA. 

And remember that the photographic alteration began BEFORE the assassination, and I mean with the Backyard photos. You believe Oswald was innocent, right? You believe he was telling the truth when he said that he never owned or posed with the murder weapon, right? So, the Backyard photos have to be fake, and Oswald said they were fake, that they put his head over the body of another man. Do you believe Oswald, or don't you? I believe him. So, they had the idea to alter and falsify photos even BEFORE the JFK assassination. So, how could they not be ready to alter photos AFTER the JFK assassination? 

Ruby said that at the time he reached the head of the ramp, Lt. Rio "Sam" Pierce was sitting in a squad car talking to an officer on foot on the other side. So, Ruby approached from the west, and he saw Pierce talking to a policeman in uniform on the other side of the car, the east side. But, according to Pierce and others, there were two other officers in the car with him at 11: 18. So, how could Ruby not have seen them, especially the one who was sitting in the front passenger seat between him and Pierce? And Ruby said he didn't recognize the officer on foot, but Ruby knew Roy Vaughan. Roy had forgiven a traffic infraction for Ruby once, since he was a friend of the department. Roy also had to deal with Ruby once about a problem with one of his employees. And, if you won't believe Jack Ruby, why won't you believe Roy Vaughan who said to his dying breath that there was no way in Hell that Ruby entered the garage through that ramp on his watch. What does that mean? It means that Ruby must have entered the garage BEFORE Roy Vaughan started his watch.  

And what did Ruby say about the conditions at the bottom of the ramp when he got there? He said that he remembered it being much less crowded than it was during the televised spectacle. And surely it was. Real reporters had been expelled from the garage. Everyone was expelled from the garage, starting about 9:45, and that's according to Dr. Fred Bieberdorf. He, himself, was expelled from the garage. And then, just 10 minutes before the spectacle began, you can see the reporters, and the cameramen with their equipment, filling the garage. So, the real media people were not allowed into the garage until shortly before it happened. Robert Jackson said the same thing. He said they were made to wait in the press room on the 3rd floor until shortly before, and it was a scramble to get ready in time. 

Ruby also said that he didn't recognize anybody in the garage when he was there. But, how could he not recognize Jim Leavelle whom he had known for years? How could he not recognize other detectives he knew like Lowery and Combest? Didn't Ruby know who Will Fritz was? He definitely knew who Blackie Harrison was, and supposedly, he was standing right next to him. 

Ruby got there early. He was immediately jumped. He had no idea why, and he asked them why?  "What are you doing? I'm Jack Ruby. I'm not a criminal. You know me."  That's what he reportedly said, but the Garage Shooter did not say ANYTHING. And why would Ruby say that if he knew he shot Oswald?

This is supposedly Ruby being taken upstairs for the first time, even though there are multiple reports from multiple detectives that his jacket was not removed until he got upstairs. This occurs at 26:30 in the WFAA film. 

Why would Ruby's shirt be unbuttoned when he wore a jacket during the melee'?

They wouldn't have unbuttoned it, right? So, doesn't the idea have to be that it got ripped? But how, when he was wearing a jacket? Plus, shortly afterwards, we see Ruby in the shirt that he wore, and it's buttoned. So, that means it didn't get torn, right?

So, this was just costuming, right? 

So, just 5 seconds later, he was wearing a jacket? He appears to be wearing a jacket there, doesn't he? His shirt wasn't dark, was it? His shirt was white. 

Because of the wiry hair and the baggy, saggy chin, I don't think this was Ruby.

Look at the thickness of that neck. Ruby wasn't like that.
He was a little loose under his chin, but not like that.

Look at that stare, that blank look. He's like a zombie. Drugged, I tell you. He was drugged. And look how his hair is all slicked down. He didn't have a comb on him. It wasn't in his inventory. Here is Ruby's stuff.

Take a close look at the tie. It's a solid color, right? Grey? Now look at the tie in the footage.

What reason is there to think that they are the same tie?

I used to think that they brought Ruby down from the 5th floor to give him his cat walk for the camera, but I no longer think that. I think this was someone else. Ruby was hustled up to the 5th floor right after he was grabbed in the garage, and that's where he was when this footage was taken.  And note that the man leading "Ruby" was not any of the detectives who claimed that they took Ruby up to the 5th floor: McMillan, Archer, and Crady. So, who is that guy? Who knows. 

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