Thursday, June 7, 2018

I have another observation to make about the photo with the bogus hat: They enhanced Elmer Boyd's shoulder. 

Do you see the way his right shoulder juts out. It couldn't do that, and it wouldn't do that. That was done to make sure that we don't see any of the face of the man who is being obfuscated, James Bookhout.  

It is important to remember that there are NO images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination. The bogus one proffered by the band of morons last year was just an act of desperation. The fact is that, even though James Bookhout followed Oswald around constantly that weekend, there are no images of him. And that is not an accident. The above image is an example of how James Bookhout was purged from the photographic record. 

Look how smoothly the expanse of that shoulder meets the margin of the jacket of the man behind, the result being a seal which completely occludes any opening to the face beneath. How convenient. 

Here is a picture of Detective Sims, who was one of Oswald's escorts. Observe the configuration of the top of his hat. Notice the slender band which went all the way around.

Do you see a band going all around the other hat?

I don't see a band. It's got a weird crustiness on the bottom, and especially on the right. But, I don't see a uniform band. 

So, was that really a Fritz hat on the left? Or was it just something they found that was similar to it that they installed in the picture to cover the man's face? And since people don't walk around with hats covering their faces, I think it's likely that we are seeing the hat from the back. Whoever was wearing it was facing the other way. 
He was going into the office not out. But, there was no "he". There was just a hat; a hat that was put into the picture to cover a face. 
Back to that weird shoulder, notice how the shoulder goes farther than the arm. Look where Boyd's arm is. He's grabbing Oswald's arm. But, notice how his upper arm is completely out of view. Well, if his upper arm is out of view, how can his shoulder be jutting out so far? 

You couldn't duplicate that image with all that angularity. If you set something up where you were grabbing someone's arm and pulling on him in the same way, you couldn't make your shoulder do that.

So, enemies, don't flap your lips. Get a camera out and show me how the shoulder juts out like that in that situation. Duplicate it. 

And while you're at it, duplicate the hat behind as well. We have a situation here where a man is walking out facing the camera directly, BUT WE DON'T SEE HIS FACE. Not at all. Not a smidgen of it. How could he even see where he's going? And why would he do such a thing? You would understand if he was the suspect, and he didn't want to show his face to the camera. You see defendants covering their faces, and it's common. But, this guy was law enforcement; supposedly one of Fritz men, even though there weren't any as short as that. The shortest of Fritz men was Fritz. The next shortest was Dhority, and he didn't wear the white Stetson hat. There is NO Fritz man that could be. He wasn't a Fritz man. He was FBI Agent James Bookhout, a short guy.  

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