Monday, June 11, 2018

Let's get something straight: Jack Ruby could NOT have had any intention of shooting Oswald. If he did, he would have showed up on time instead of one hour and twenty minutes late. Oswald was scheduled to be moved at 10 AM, and that was the ONLY guidance ever given.
If Ruby had intended to shoot Oswald, he would not have brought his dog along and left her in his car. If he intended to shoot Oswald, he would have made arrangements for his dogs, his clubs, and everything else in his life, knowing he wasn't going back to it. Instead, Ruby had stuff in his car that he intended to move into his new apartment that afternoon. How could he expect to be doing that if he knew he was going to shoot Oswald? Don't you get it? The evidence points to him having no such mindset, not even remotely.
Furthermore, if the Mafia or the CIA had put Ruby up to shooting Oswald, then they would have had to kill him right away. How could they trust him to keep his mouth shut? Even if he said he would be quiet, the only way they could be sure he wouldn't talk would be to kill him. They certainly would have, but they didn't have to because he didn't know anything, and he didn't do anything. .
You think Ruby just lied to everybody? His family? His lawyers? His friends? For three years? Keeping the deep dark secret inside him that the CIA or the Mafia put him up to shooting Oswald? Where's the evidence that he was ever threatened? By anyone?
It is all so wrong. Ruby knew nothing, and Ruby did nothing. He was guided down there- by drugs and suggestion- arriving about 10:20. Cops jumped him and hustled him up to the 5th floor where they told him that he shot Oswald. He had no memory of doing it and no intention of doing it. So, why didn't he say, "Fuck you, you lying bastards! I didn't do it! I don't care how many of you say I did. I know I didn't, and I know very well that you know I didn't. This is a frame-up. Who do you think you're fooling? " So, why didn't he say that or something like it? It was a combination of things: the drugs he was put on; his weird adoration of the Dallas Police, and his generally incompetent mind. You need to think of Jack Ruby as MK ULTRA. He was like Mark David Chapman, and of course, he was before Mark David Chapman. We don't even know the extent to which hypnosis was used on Ruby, but it was probably a lot. I'm telling you, Jack Ruby was MK ULTRA like Mark David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, and many others.
Jack Ruby was not right in his mind. He was no killer.

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