Monday, June 25, 2018

What was Oswald told about the jail transfer? When a prisoner is transferred from one jail to another, I presume he is told just that and nothing more. "You are being transferred to the County Jail." That's it. Why the hell would you tell him any more than that?

So imagine that YOU are the prisoner, and you are told that you are being transferred to the County Jail. What would your expectations be? Wouldn't they be pretty damn small? That you are just going to be put in a car and driven to the County Jail? 

So now, imagine that you're Lee Harvey Oswald, and that's all you've been told, and that's all you expect. But then, it turns out that it is going to be a big spectacle, a media event, that you are going to be involved in a procession. 

DAH... dah, dah, dah... DAH, DAH.
DAH... dah, dah, dah DAH.  
DAH... dah, dah, dah, DAHHH-DAH. 
DAH, DAH, DAH-dah, dah-DAHHHH!

So, what is Oswald going to think, and what is he going to do? What he is going to think is: "What the fuck is this?"  And what his going to do is: Look the fuck around. 

But, he doesn't. He comes out like the bride at a wedding being led down the aisle by her father- looking straight ahead. Why would he do that? Why wouldn't he be turning his head and looking around, as in: What the fuck is going on here? Instead, he acts just like Leavlle and Graves and looks straight ahead. It's like they are all in a wedding. It's like they're all zombies. It's like Oswald is the bride, and he's got two fathers walking him down the aisle. 

I understand why they, Leavelle and Graves, are walking as if in a procession, and it's because they expected it; they knew it was coming; and they were told to just look straight ahead, and whatever you do, don't look to their left. But, why is Oswald doing it? He does swiftly glance at the shooter at one point, but he quickly got his eyes back straight ahead, even as the shooter came in. But, for the most part, Oswald did just as they did and kept his eyes peeled straight ahead and maintained a stiff, solemn look, and SHOWED NOT THE LEAST SURPRISE TO WALK INTO THIS GALA.  What it means is that, like Leavelle and Graves, Oswald was told what was going to happen and ordered to just look straight ahead. Oswald participated in the procession just as much as Leavelle, Graves, Fritz, etc. Again: Oswald showed not the least bit of surprise to walk into this. It WAS no surprise. They told him what to expect.  They told him everything. Don't you get it? OSWALD WAS IN ON IT. He was in on the ruse. It was all an act. They were all acting. But, that includes Oswald. 

Oswald knew he wasn't going to be shot in the garage- and he wasn't. But, what he didn't know is that he was going to be shot soon afterwards. They double-crossed him. They must have told him that they were going to get him out of this, but they had to feign his death first- or else somebody would come gunning for him. And Oswald believed them. He never considered that they were lying and were planning all along to kill him soon afterwards.

It was the most dastard and diabolical double-cross in the history of double-crosses. GOD-DAMN, WERE THESE PEOPLE VICIOUS. And, they were the police! How could the police do such a thing? But, they did. 

Look at this picture again because it is clear visual evidence that Oswald was participating. IT'S ABNORMAL. It's abnormal to walk to a car like that, like you're in a procession, for anybody to do it. But, they're all doing it, and it's because they were all in on it, including Oswald. 

You know that the transfer was one hour and twenty minutes late and that they had Oswald up in Fritz' office. What do you think they were talking about? They weren't talking about him going to Mexico City. That was just a yarn that the evil Postal Inspector Harry Holmes made up. What they were talking about was this; what was about to happen; the show they were about to put on. 


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