Saturday, June 23, 2018

This is by a conspiracy writer named Joan d'Arc. Or perhaps she just goes by that name. In any case, she wrote the following about Oswald in the doorway. It's not as ironclad as it should be, as I write about it. Still, something is better than nothing. And she points out that Jim Garrison was very much aware of Oswald in the doorway.

Lee Oswald in the Doorway?

Witnesses who worked in the TSBD have stated that Oswald was in the lunchroom on the 2nd floor eating his lunch just prior to the shooting, and was in the same lunch room just minutes after the shooting, when police entered and saw him drinking a Coke. In fact, it seems that Oswald was photographed in the doorway of the TSBD as the procession was going by (see picture at 

The person in the doorway not only resembles Oswald’s facial and hairline characteristics, but is wearing the same denim style shirt over a white t-shirt that he was arrested in a few hours later. He consequently “lost” the shirt during his lineup session, where he was allowed to wear only his t-shirt. After complaining bitterly, he was finally given a black sweater. One wonders why this shirt was taken away.

District Attorney Jim Garrison believed it was likely Oswald standing in the doorway watching the parade. In an October 1967 Playboy interview, Garrison stated: “As the first shot rang out, Associated Press photographer James Altgens snapped a picture of the motorcade that shows a man with a remarkable resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald, same hairline, same face shape, standing in the doorway of the Book Depository Building. Somehow or other, the Warren Commission concluded that this man was actually Billy Nolan Lovelady, an employee of the Depository, who looked very little like Oswald. […] The Altgens photograph indicates the very real possibility that at the moment Oswald was supposed to have been crouching in the sixth-floor window of the Depository shooting Kennedy, he may actually have been standing outside the front door watching the Presidential motorcade.” ( (Incidentally, Billy Lovelady was wearing a red and white vertical striped shirt that day.)

Oswald was also noted to be somewhere near the doorway by NBC news correspondent Robert MacNeil, who was riding in the motorcade when shots rang out. MacNeil jumped out of the limo and ran to the TSBD. One must realize that Dealey Plaza is a very small area, and it probably took seconds for him to run to the front entrance of the building. There he encountered a man at the door, whom he asked where he could find a telephone, and the man pointed inside. MacNeil later identified the man as Oswald. In fact, Oswald also recalled the conversation; according to Dallas Police, a man asked Oswald for a telephone as he was leaving the building. (Who’s Who 271) However, no notes of Dallas Police interrogations of Lee Oswald exist or have surfaced.

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