Friday, June 29, 2018

Juliette de la Bretoniere Exactly. They needed the public to SEE that there wasn’t going to be any trial. Premonition? No, preparation.
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Ralph Cinque Wow, that was well put, Juliette. Just think: the case against Oswald was so weak that they couldn't even let him see a lawyer never mind be tried. Not even one meeting with a lawyer could be allowed. Because: just think what he would have said: I do not own nor did I ever order a rifle; I did not pose for a picture with a rifle; I did not have a P.O. Box. I was not on the 6th floor, rather, I was standing in the doorway during the shooting. The case against Oswald would have exploded. His lawyer would have known, within minutes, that Dallas police were not only wrong about Oswald but they were sifting through a pile of fabricated evidence- evidence that came from the FBI. Oswald's lawyer would have known in short order that the U.S. government was framing Oswald. And why would they do that? Because the U.S. government killed Kennedy.

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