Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The people who deny that Oswald rode the bus and cab are really being childish. And stupid, I might add. They are not thinking. They don't know how to think. The bus transfer ticket was found on Oswald and entered into evidence at 4 PM. The driver of the bus, Cecil McWatters, wasn't found until 2 hours later. So, how could Dallas Police have gotten that ticket except by getting it from Oswald? 

You do get it, don't you, that Oswald was being cast as the lone gunman? And not just the lone gunman, but the lone perpetrator, where he didn't breathe a word of it to anybody. So, how could a lone gunman have a getaway driver? Once you have a getaway driver, you don't have a "lone gunman" any more. And remember whose story it was. It wasn't Oswald's story. It was the plotters' story. They wrote his story. Oswald didn't have a story. 

So, why would the plotters have given their lone gunman a getaway driver? They wouldn't. They couldn't. They didn't. How stupid do you think they were? And Oswald, himself, could never have arranged such a thing. Oswald had no friends. You hear me? No friends, no friends, no friends, no friends, no friends. It's not as though he could have gotten someone to pick him up. And why would he? He went to work that morning not knowing that anything was going to happen. He asked Junior Jarman why people were gathering on the sidewalk outside the building. Jarman was the one who told him that the President would be passing the building that day. Oswald didn't even know that, let alone that the President was going to be shot. 

So, there is no basis whatsoever to think that Oswald could have arranged a pickup. And even if he wanted to, there was no one he could have asked. Did I mention that he had no friends? 

So, that leaves the plotters, the killers of Kennedy, the ones who were framing Oswald as the lone gunman, as the only ones who could have arranged such a ride for Oswald, but they had every reason in the world not to do it because they wanted Oswald to be seen as the lone gunman.

But now, let's look at it from the perspective of the Dallas Police. Let's say, hypothetically, that they knew that Oswald left Dealey Plaza in a car driven by somebody, but they decided that they wanted to make it that he left by public transportation, first bus and then cab. Even if you think they could have sold the public on that, do you know who they never could have sold on it in a million years? Oswald. That's because he knew what he did, and he obviously wasn't going to believe he did something that he didn't do. He wasn't Jack Ruby.  That was Jack Ruby's trait, but it wasn't Oswald's trait. Oswald was clear. Oswald was lucid. Oswald was grounded. Oswald was with it. 

So, the second he heard that Dallas Police were claiming that he rode a bus and cab (assuming he didn't) he would know that they were corrupt, that they were framing him, that they were engaged in falsifying evidence and obstructing justice. It would be like a high-pitched alarm that the Dallas Police were up to no good, that they were engaged in criminality. And remember that if Oswald had done something else, if he had left Dealey Plaza another way, he'd have had no trouble proving it. He'd be more than able to substantiate it. And then who was going to be in the hot seat? The Dallas Police were going to be. 

So, what I am asking is that you be smart enough to realize that the Dallas Police were smart enough to realize that they couldn't possibly get away with framing Oswald for riding a bus and cab if he didn't. It wasn't just risky for them if they did it; it was absolutely reckless and self-destructive. 

And once they put up that transfer ticket into the story, there was no taking it back. If something surfaced which proved that Oswald did something else, they would have been cooked. They would have been fried. It would be one thing if they just said that they thought he rode the bus and cab. But, by putting up that transfer ticket and claiming to have found it on Oswald, there was no taking it back. So, if something surfaced that dashed it, they'd have been caught with a lot more than egg on their faces. They would have been totally and utterly screwed. No way were they foolish and stupid enough to do such a thing, to take such a chance. The foolishness and stupidity lies with those who claim that they did it. 

Oswald rode the bus and cab. HE SAID HE RODE THE BUS AND CAB. He provided the information on the cab fare: eighty-five cents. He admitted that it was his bus transfer ticket and did not dispute it when police said they found it in his shirt pocket, and that's Boyd and Sims who found it. 

Oswald certainly didn't know anyone who could pick him up in Dealey Plaza. For that to happen, the plotters would have had to arrange it, but they weren't going to arrange such a thing for their "lone gunman." A lone gunman can't have a getaway driver. How many times do I have to say it?

Do you know what is holding back the JFK truth movement? It isn't people like John McAdams and David Von Pein. Those clowns are hapless and hopeless. What is holding it back are the stupid idiots who put forward false conspiracy theories about what happened, such as, that Oswald was involved with Ruby, that they were involved with Malcolm Wallace and David Sanchez Morales, and that Oswald got picked up in Ruth Paine's station wagon.... all the very stupid nonsense that they spew, God-damn spewers that they are. That's what's hurting the movement. We've made progress despite them, but we'd have made a lot more were they not around. I wish they would just go away.   

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