Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is from John McAdam's timeline of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

9:30 AM: LHO is signed out of jail in anticipation of a transfer to the county facility.

11:15 AM: The transfer party leaves Fritz' office after a final round of questions.

So, that's 9:30 to 11:15. It's almost 2 hours. That makes it BY FAR the longest interrogation that Oswald did. I find that very strange. That's because after all the ground that was already covered in the many hours of interrogation that they did with him, I should think they were running out of things to ask him. 

But, though it was the longest interrogation, here is what Will Fritz wrote down about it:

So, Fritz put the time as 10 to 11:15. Hmmm. Oh really? Then what happened between 9:30 and 10:00? But, the most important thing is to look at the information he wrote down from it. Nothing. Not a word. Zilch.

According to Harry Holmes, Oswald was singing like a canary about his trip to Mexico City, yet Fritz didn't write down a single word? Not one thing was said that Fritz thought was important enough to write down? 

They said that Jack Ruby had gone to the Western Union office to wire money to one of his dancers. But wait. That doesn't make sense. She was one of his dancers, right? So, she was local, right? So, why would he wire her the money? Why wouldn't he just give it to her? Why pay the exorbitant Western Union fees for nothing? And look at all the bother. He had to go to the Western Union office to send it. Then, he would have had to call her and say that he sent the money. Then she would have to go out to a Western Union place to get the money. She could have just gone to him directly and gotten the money. No muss, no fuss. Why WHY WHY would he do that way? He wouldn't. Nobody would. This was just an excuse to get him close to the basement. 

But, he said he went from there to the garage. And he said that he was pushed down to the ground by cops. And he said that he reacted by saying, "What are you doing? This is me, Jack Ruby. You know me." which indicates that he was not aware that he had done anything wrong. 

It must have actually happened, and I mean before. During that long so-called interrogation, there must have been a rendering of this in the basement in which Ruby showed up and was pounced upon by cops and told that he had shot Oswald. Everyone there would have had to be in on it, and that isn't hard to believe. The jail transfer was scheduled for 10 AM, and that's when it may have happened. Or, it could have been 10:30. First, the version with Ruby to implant in his mind that he had done it, and then the version with Bookhout for posterity. 

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