Friday, October 28, 2016

I want to emphasize that I am NOT accusing James Bookhout of shooting and killing Oswald. I think the whole spectacle in the garage was a ruse, an act, and Bookhout was just one of the players. I have absolutely no reason to think that he is the one who eventually shot Oswald for real. And, I really have no idea who that person was. I know it had to be one man who pulled the trigger, but I do not know who that was, and I have no suspicion it was James Bookhout.  And I don't think for one second that the plot originated with James Bookhout. I presume he was recruited because they thought he looked enough like Ruby to get away with the bait and switch.

Of course, the idea that the garage shooting was just a hoax has been around for a long time. I am going to provide again the link to Greg Szymanski's article, which came out in 2006, so 10 years ago. But, the theory has existed for much longer than that.

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