Sunday, October 23, 2016

Now, watch Backes try to deny that that's Tommy on the right. But, if he does, he's got a problem. Because: Tommy definitely exists in this photo below. So, if Backes is going to deny the match to Tommy Collins, which is very obvious, then he's got to match that actor to somebody else in this picture below. Well, I have already checked, and there is nobody else who even comes close. 

You've lost, Backes. You've lost everything. Now, you're stuck with this short guy as Bookhout.

And you can no longer claim that the tall guy at the Midnight Press Conference was him.

Now, who did you say was desecrating the grave of James Bookhout with false images? It isn't me; it's Linda Zambanini. Be sure to get the word to her so that she can take them down. 

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