Saturday, October 29, 2016

I agree with your rebuttal of JVB’s critique. Her arguments were not totally coherent: she did, as you say, identify all three men (Bookhout, Dhority and the very tall cop) as ‘Bookhout’.
The screen shots of the real Ruby post-arrest footage show the back of his head/hairline on the Sunday, and it is clearly uneven, if not ragged.
Ruby looked typically Polish in that he had a slightly wider face than many people of European origin, but his face only looked ‘round’ in 1954, because of the extra facial fat. 

It also gave Bookhout a more rounded facial look in 1963.

By 1963 Jack had slimmed down. (BTW, the younger Peace Flag Fund Bookhout also looks round-faced and overweight.)

 JVB's argument about the fedora hat is outrageous- as if a person could not have access to two hats, and in the image she uses the hat is artificially taller.
The lines on the tall cop’s face are not particularly pronounced. Some people are unlucky enough to get these facial lines before they hit 30. I don’t think that this guy was 50.

JVB claims that the ‘smallest person in the ROTC group photo’ was chosen, as if it was arbitrary, but it wasn't the height; it was the face that jumped out to me, and Don and Gary agreed, as I recall.

In her ‘final analysis’ she calls herself as a witness and asks the reader to rely on her own anecdotal evidence – and that’s it.
I would invite her to comment on any of the three attached gifs. (to be posted separately)

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