Saturday, October 29, 2016

Brian Pete is wailing again, which is to say, swinging and missing. Most of what he said doesn't even warrant a reply.

However, he mistakenly said that I got the idea that the Garage Shooter wasn't Jack Ruby from the Russian, Maxsim Irkutsk. That is not correct. 

I reached the conclusion that Jack Ruby was not the shooter independently. And after I reached it, and with great certainty I might add, I went looking for others who may have reached it. And, that is how I came upon Maxsim Irkutsk. 

So, I didn't get the idea from him, and I certainly didn't rip him off. I have praised him. I have publicized him. His view count was a thousand something when I first saw it, and now it's like 4000. I am probably at least largely responsible for that, if not entirely.

But, James Bookhout was definitely the garage shooter, and not just because he was short, which he was. What could be more compelling than this?

That is definitely Jim Bookhout, the son of James Bookhout, on the left. And, if that's not James Bookhout on the right, then, uncannily, Jim Bookhout just happens to have a striking resemblance to Jack Ruby, enough so to be his son. I don't think so. 

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