Saturday, October 22, 2016

John (Armstrong), 

You discovered that Jack Ruby really did NOT have Mob connections, that his ties were to the CIA. You are the one who found out that none of the Chicago mobsters had ever heard of him. You're right; Ruby was a CIA asset, and they really did a number on him. He was not right in his head. And he had no memory of shooting Oswald. He could remember going to the jail and then being swarmed by police but nothing in-between. Look at this collage. Look at the likeness between young James Bookhout and supposedly Jack Ruby immediately after his arrest. They're the same person. What's the alternative? That young James Bookhout looked this much like Jack Ruby? We are not talking about kinda/sorta here. We are talking about a perfect age progression. 

It was a 30 year span of time, John, going from 19 to 49. Would an image of you at 19 compare this well to you at 49? 


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