Sunday, October 30, 2016

Brian Pete is now bitching about the height assessment, literally splitting hairs about the measurement. 

First, he thinks he has the right to claim that this picture isn't level. 

But, that is ridiculous. Bookhout's shoulders look perfectly square, and the man in front looks perfectly vertical in his axis. And what about the man behind Bookhout? He's not vertical enough, is he?

And this idea that people can't hold their cameras level and need this asshole to straighten out their pictures for them is a pile of shit. The fact is that your proprioception (position sense) is what enables you to hold your camera level. In this case, he was holding the camera perfectly level; he just wasn't squarely facing the wall. That's all. He was turned a little bit to his left. That's what it is. What a fucking Idiot. Backes Jr. That's who bpete is. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling the top Bookhout's head level with the top of the elevator panel. You don't even have to draw a line. 

And then, get this: Look what the mudderplucker says:

This isn't just stupid; it's evil. Wicked, rotten, dastardly evil. I bet they have a special place in Hell for people like bpete.  

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