Thursday, October 27, 2016

I have some new images from OIC Chairman Larry Rivera. And he makes a good point: that if we are going to consider Lovelady's posing shirt, that we should put in on Doorman just as we see it on Lovelady.

But first, he starts by putting Oswald's shirt on Doorman. 

Notice first that when you fit him into that shirt that his left shoulder extends a lot farther in front of Black Tie man than we see in the Altgens photo.

Do you see what I mean now that his left shoulder was cut off?

The man did have a left shoulder, after all. What we see on the left is a monstrosity.

Moving on now to the installation of Lovelady's posing shirt on Doorman.

If that's how Lovelady posed in it, we can't assume it was any more gaped open on 11/22/63. Here it is in color, this is cool because Larry superimposed the t-shirt exposure that we see in the Altgens photo, which is a lot more than we see here. 

So, that illuminated area- that spotlight- shows you what is missing of exposed t-shirt. That should all be white t-shirt were it to match Doorman.  

Then we get to a comparison of Gorilla Lovelady with 1971 Jackson Lovelady. Notice the difference in the pockets. Gorilla Man's shirt had not just a pocket but a pocket flap. Jackson Lovelady's did not.

And the comparison below looks at Groden Lovelady from 1976 in comparison to Gorilla Man.

Again, we see the pocket flap missing on the right but looming large on the left. Thank you, Larry Rivera, for this valuable work.

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