Saturday, October 29, 2016

You can listen to Ruby's last interview here:

But, I want to dwell on the narrator at the beginning. He says that Ruby was in solitary confinement in a cell with no windows and with a light on 24 hours a day. 

"A naked lightbulb shown above him 24 hours a day." 

How poetic. Now, that is torture, but why were they torturing Ruby? For killing Oswald? Don't make me laugh.

It wasn't Soviet Russia, was it? Here, even murderers have rights in prison. And people are put in solitary for violent behavior, but Ruby was the most docile prisoner there ever was. And this was 3 years into it. Plus, at the time, he had cancer and was bleeding from his rectum. Jesus H. Christ! What was it? The fucking Inquisition? 

Then, he's asked by the interviewer: "When did you finally realize something had happened?"

Finally? FINALLY? What is the implication of that? That he was in a trance when he was doing it, shooting Oswald? That he was sleepwalking? Why would the interviewer make that assumption? If Ruby consciously shot Oswald in order to spare Jackie a trial, then why wouldn't he remember it? IF HE KNEW WHY HE WAS DOING IT, THEN HE KNEW THAT HE WAS DOING IT. 

Ruby said that as he was walking down the ramp that he recognized Officer Sam Pierce who was in a police car, and he was talking to another man.


On Nov. 24, 1963, Sam Pierce drove a decoy police car away from the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald was about to be transferred from headquarters to the county jail. The 40-year-old police lieutenant was to drive the car out the entrance ramp and around headquarters in a plan to divert attention from an armored car said to be transporting the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy. But for Pierce to safely exit the underground parking, Roy Vaughn, the officer guarding the entrance, needed to momentarily leave his post to block traffic. At that instant, Jack Ruby walked down the ramp, saw Oswald being transferred and fired his fatal shot.

So, let me get this straight: every time a car pulled out of the underground parking, someone had to first block traffic on the street. Is that it? Is that their explanation for how Ruby was able to slip in? 

But wait. This was before Oswald had been brought out. So, why would Pierce be leaving at that point? Wouldn't he leave about the same time that Oswald did, presumably in the armored van? But, I've heard it another way. I've heard it that the armored van was going to be the decoy, and that they were actually going to put Oswald in a police car. 

And what was all the concern about Oswald being attacked when traveling? All they had to do was have him hunker down in the car, right? And what was the attacker going to do? Throw a bomb or incendiary device at the car? It wasn't a convertible, was it? The whole idea that the police car in which Oswald was traveling would be attacked is pretty far-fetched, don't you think?

 Then, there was Officer RC Nelson. He said this: 

  “I grabbed for his hands and didn’t find a gun,” Nelson said. “But I managed to manhandle him into the basement jail house office and handcuffed him.”

What is he talking about? It was a whole herd of penguins who "manhandled" the shooter into the office. But, listen up, Nelson: Since you handcuffed him, that tells me that you had handcuffs on you. So, why didn't you handcuff him in the garage. Why WHY WHY did you manhandle him into the office? Why didn't you just manhandle him to get the cuffs on him, and then you could have just walked him into the office. You see, I think you and the other penguins are completely full of shit with your God-damn manhandling. I think you were really covering up Bookhout up, keeping him out of view, so that you could keep the ruse going that he was Jack Ruby. 

And, note that RC Nelson's partner was JD Tippit's partner. 

Here is how Nelson looked at the time:

So, there he is. You see what he looks like. He claims to have been the one who manhandled Ruby into the building (without mentioning anyone else) and he also claims to be the one to finally get handcuffs on him. So, take a look at that face and fix it in your mind because we should see it among the penguins. Shouldn't we? And we are going to look for it. Stay tuned. 

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