Saturday, October 29, 2016

Let's look at this mathematically. We've got this guy, and we're trying to identify him. We think he's James Bookhout. So, we decide that if he is James Bookhout, then the son of James Bookhout ought to look like him, at least, enough to be his son. 

But, where the Mathematics comes in is that if he is NOT James Bookhout, then the odds are extremely great that the son of James Bookhout would look NOTHING like this guy. 

Why? It's because of what we know about genetics. A person's genes are the result of the random mixing of the genes of his four grandparents. The human population is so diverse, so varied, such that if they weren't related, then the odds were overwhelming that their features would be VERY different and distant from each other. But, it turns out that they look very much alike, more so than most sons look like their father.

When I went looking for Jim Bookhout, I didn't know what to expect. I had no idea what he looked like. I expected to find that he would look like this figure, because of what I already believed, but frankly, I didn't expect this close a match, this good a match. And someone on Facebook actually saw this collage and and wrote: "It is absolutely the same person." I had to correct him and tell him, no, it's father and son.

And again, what is the alternative? That an image of Young Jim Bookhout just happens to correlate with a 1963 image of Jack Ruby? You seriously want to sell that shit?????????? 

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