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What did Oswald do in Russia? He worked full-time at the radio factory, and when he wasn't working, he was out gallivanting with his friends and chasing girls. Then, he met Marina and fell in love. They soon got married. They had a baby girl. So then, he was immersed in family life. 

And then, he came back here, and what was his life in Dallas like? It was a struggle to make a living. He drifted from job to job, while getting some help from the Dallas White Russians, whom I liken to the Satanists who were helping Rosemary in Rosemary's Baby.

His last job in Dallas was working at Jaggars/Chiles/Stovall the photo lab. And he liked that job.  Marina said that working with photos was something he liked to do. And he felt he was good at it. Recall that when they showed him the Backyard photo, he said it was a fake, that someone put his face over the body of another man, and that he could do it himself, and that he could show them. He offered to show them.  

He worked at JCS from October to April, and then he lost his job; fired. Why? We are told it was because he was arrogant and uncooperative and hard to get along with. Do you believe that? No one at the TSBD ever said that about him. On the contrary, they all said that he was a good worker, and there were quite a few who said it. He was a loner. He ate alone, and he didn't join anyone in anything social. He wasn't particularly friendly. But, when it came to work, he did his job; he was a good little worker bee. They all said it. Don't you think he had the same personality and the same work habits at JCS as he did at TSBD? Of course, he did.

They fired him at JCS because they needed him down in New Orleans to get his pro-Castro credentials on the record. I suspect that somebody encouraged him to go to New Orleans. And how did he get to New Orleans? Never have we been told. By what means did he move down there? Did he take the bus? So, he took his rifle on the bus, did he? And if somebody drove him down, how come we don't know who that person is? 

But, let's stop a second and observe that up to this point in the story Oswald is not engaged in any espionage. You can't call what he did in Russia espionage. There is simply no evidence that he did any espionage in Russia. And, there is no evidence that he did any espionage in Dallas. On the contrary, he was the target of espionage in Dallas. You could say that George Demohrenschildt was espionaging on him in Dallas for the CIA. 

So, up to this point in the story, he's not doing any espionage, and there isn't anything about him that even qualifies him to do espionage. 

Now, keep in mind that by late April 1963, Oswald was definitely already chosen as the patsy in the upcoming JFK assassination. Why else would the CIA have assigned George DeMohrenschildt to monitor him? And, you can safely assume that everything that Oswald did, he was manipulated into doing, including going to New Orleans. 

Oswald was a patsy, and really, he was always a patsy. Yes, they sent him to Russia, but not really to spy, but rather, as a distraction to the Russians, as a decoy. They wanted to preoccupy the Russians with him. They wanted to see how the Russians would handle him. And in Dallas, Oswald continued to be handled. He was the acted-on person, not the actor. 

So why, with the JFK assassination looming and Oswald designated as the patsy, would they assign him to work an unrelated espionage mission, the plot to poison Fidel Castro? Why would they assign him to be Judyth Baker's bodyguard? Based on what? His pals in Russia said he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun. Those mediocre shooting scores from the Marines, in which Oswald practically flunked his last exam in 1959, getting 91 when the lowest passing score was 90, pertained to the other Oswald, not the Oswald of fame.

You know how I often say that there are no images of the Oswald of fame in Mexico City, and it is because he didn't go there. If he went there, you can be damn sure they'd have pictures of him. And likewise, there are no images of the Oswald of fame on a Marine firing line or any firing line. Compare the ears below:


On the left, that is not the Oswald of fame. Plus, the Oswald of fame was never this big. And why would such a picture have been taken? They took pictures of every Marine on the firing line, did they? It's just propaganda.

What qualified Oswald to be anybody's bodyguard? Nothing. Nothing about his training, nothing about his experience, nothing about his temperament, nothing about his skill. Nothing.

But worse, why would they take this guy who was pegged to be Kennedy's killer and thrust him in the middle of another CIA plot? Were they running short on manpower? Did they have to get double-duty work out of him? 

And why, if he was slated to be the patsy in the JFK plot, would they cut him into the JFK plot? Don't you keep the patsy in the dark?

Remember the story we 're told, that Ruth Paine and Marina were enjoying tea and crumpets with the kindly neighborhood ladies in Irving, and Frazier's sister, Linnie Mae Randle, mentioned that her brother had gotten a job at the TSBD, and they were still hiring. And then supposedly, Ruth called over there and talked to Roy Truly, and he told her to have this young man, who needed a job to support his family, to come in and see him. And Oswald did. 

Now, I don't believe that story for a second because I know full-well that Oswald was placed at the TSBD so that he could be set up as the JFK assassin. I know full-well that the TSBD moved across the street into that building from the Dal-Tex building in August 1963 precisely so that Oswald could be set up as the assassin

But, if Oswald was immersed in the plot to kill Kennedy, even if you believe he was an infiltrator, then he'd have to know better than to believe that chance story from Ruth Paine. Oswald was smart. He wasn't stupid. He would have figured it out- that he was being set up- and they never would have taken that chance. What if he woke up on the morning of November 22 and said, "Fuck it. I'm not going to work today. No way am I going to get pinned for this." Then, they would have been screwed.

So, it is ridiculous to think that the plotters would have immersed Oswald in another scheme to poison Castro at the same time that they were trying to maneuver him to the TSBD. It is ridiculous to think that they would have included him as a participant in the JFK plot while also pegging him as the patsy in that plot. It is ridiculous to think that he was qualified and capable of being anybody's bodyguard. It is ridiculous to think they would have wanted him to be a JFK shooter, since he wasn't a sniper; he wasn't an assassin; and he wasn't even a good marksman. Everything JVB says, all her wild stories about the wild goings-on during the 1963 Summer of Love make no sense at all. The whole thing- from beginning to end- needs to be categorically rejected as the delusions of a mad woman.

If there were any truth to the story, don't you think Jim Garrison would have wanted to talk to Judyth Baker?

There hasn't been a single witness or participant who has even confirmed knowing about the existence of Judyth Baker. And that includes this guy who is still alive, Thomas Beckham.

As you probably know, I was among those who briefly mistook Thomas Beckham for Bill Shelley. As soon as I realized I was wrong, I profusely retracted it. It's OK to make mistakes, so long as you don't stay married to them. But, I also tracked down Beckham. He's in Kentucky. He has a practice as a therapist for alcoholics and drug addicts, and his son works with him. Beckham wouldn't get on the phone with me, for some reason, but his son did, and his father was right there. I talked to them for about 30 minutes. He confirmed that the young guy with the Fonz hair at the Trade Mart was him. But, I also asked him: during that summer when you knew Oswald and when you were both hanging out with Guy Bannister, etc., did you ever encounter or hear about Judyth Baker, being involved with Oswald, being his girlfriend, etc.? And he said: No. And, he was very categorical about it. I could hear his voice. Maybe they had it on speaker. 

The whole Summer of Love story is complete fiction. Every bit of it. And that big names, such as Jesse Ventura and Roger Stone, cozy up to JVB is appalling. It is time to renounce this nonsense, once and for all. 

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