Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jim Bookhout was no less than 6 feet tall during the time of my contacts with him at the FBI during the period 1953 until he retired in 1977. 

I'll tell you what this amounts to: 

- Herr Miller? Herr Peter Miller?

- Yes.

- I wonder if we could talk somewhere? Your room, perhaps?

- We can talk here.

- Of course. My name is Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt.

- What do you want?

- Perhaps we can sit down. A very pleasant hotel, isn't it? 

- A little too solid for me. What is it that you want?

- You're a journalist, I am told. With a reputation for being very thorough,
very tenacious.

- What of it?
- Some friends of mine heard you are making an inquiry...
...into events that happened a long time ago.

- You mean Eduard Roschmann, don't you?

- I do. I most certainly do.

- So?

- Eduard Roschmann is dead!

- I didn't know that.

- Of course you didn't. There's no reason why you should. I thought I'd mention the fact because I didn't want you wasting your time.

-Tell me something, Dr. Schmidt, when exactly did he die?

-In May 1945, fighting the American advance.

- I'm sorry. You'll have to try harder. Roschmann was captured
by the British in December 1947.  Didn't your friends brief you properly
when they gave you this errand?

- Drop this inquiry!

- Roschmann was seen alive in Hamburg in November- this year. It was never confirmed. You just confirmed it. Good day, Herr Dr. Schmidt.

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