Thursday, October 27, 2016

So, as we look at this image of the Ruby impostor and Ruby, we notice the difference in the sideburns.

So, you notice the beveled shape on the left. Also, I drew a line showing the distance between the beveled sideburn and the ear. I didn't draw a line on the right because there is no distance: his sideburn goes to his ear. 

Anyone want to claim that these are the same ear? It's Ruby on the right and the impostor on the left. So, do you want to claim it's the same ear? Anyone? Anyone? 

Now, I want you to look at the backs of their necks. And I put arrows, since you have trouble seeing things. Do you notice on the left that the impostors hairline was high and horizontal, and his neck below it was razored clean? And do you notice that Ruby on the right has got a scruffy neck due to hair growth that all the way down to his collar? Just compare the areas to which the arrows are pointing.

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