Saturday, October 29, 2016

Look who I found at the Oswald shooting, walking around acting like a cop. 

That's FBI Agent Nat Pinkston.

It's him, alright.

And he had his arms out, like the cops, keeping people back. What the hell was he doing that for? He wasn't a cop. This wasn't an FBI raid. What was he even doing there? He was never directly involved with Oswald. He never attended a single interrogation of Oswald. Yet, he showed up for the jail transfer? So, we're supposed to believe that James Bookhout, who attended most all of the interrogations, decided to skip the jail transfer to instead hang around Fritz' office, while Nat Pinkston, who didn't attend any, showed up for it. I'll tell you why he showed up for it. It's because he knew God-damn well that his buddy James Bookhout was playing the role of Jack Ruby in this little farce. 

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