Friday, October 21, 2016

So, nobody, nowhere, wants to say what this inky black disc is covering the eye of so-called "Ruby". 

So, why don't they want to say? It's because they know it's equivalent to putting their head on a stake and waiting for Ralph Cinque to take his bat and swing for the bleachers. And rhetorically speaking, that is what would happen.

But, if this is a legitimate image, and it's not sunglasses, then it has to be something. That is, there has to be some explanation for it, with or without technobabble. 

But, that guy can't be Ruby anyway. Ruby didn't have sideburns like that. Ruby didn't have a hairline like that in back with a razored neck. Ruby didn't have ears like that. 

The JFK assassination world is dark and evil, and this is an example of it: their evasiveness about this, when it so obviously two different men. 

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