Sunday, October 23, 2016

Now, I have got visible proof that Linda Zambanini is WRONG.

This is a ROTC photo from Woodrow Wilson high school. The year was 1931. Linda identifies the man on the far right as Bookhout. 

So, according to Linda Zambinini, this was him:

And, it's very important because one of the qualities we are looking for in the future Garage Shooter is that he be short because the Garage Shooter was definitely short.

But, that guy on the far right of this picture is one of the taller guys in it. So, if he was Bookhout, it would pretty much kill my theory.

However, I found another print of it, which has some writing on it.

Whoever wrote that name, Tommy Collins, made a point of writing it right over the body of just one figure in the photograph. It's the figure we have been talking about. It's obvious that he was trying to identify that figure as Tommy Collins. And you see the name Tommy Collins listed below the picture. I underlined his name. 

Let's analyze it further. You see the ranks there, going from Lt. Colonel to Second Lieutenant, which is the lowest. Bookhout's name is at the bottom because he ranked the lowest. In the Military, you climb in rank over time, so it's reasonable to think that Bookhout was also the youngest, or nearly the youngest. Well, when you look at the picture, the guy on the right doesn't look that young. He looks pretty mature. The guy who stands out as looking young is this guy, this very short guy:

And look at the big picture again because once you rule out Tommy Collins, on account of him being Tommy Collins, the only one with the slightest resemblance to James Bookhout is this young, short guy- who stood out for being short, just like the Garage Shooter. 

Nobody else even comes close. That is Bookhout. 

And this Tommy Collins picture proves it. That makes it gold. 

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