Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jesus H. Christ. This moron is dense: 

So, the idea that the placing of handcuffs on Ruby happened while cops pounced on Ruby and he's still visible to cameramen is false. 

I've been complaining, bellyaching for months about the fact that they didn't handcuff "Ruby" immediately in the garage, when they should have since it's something that police always do and have always done with a violent offender throughout the annals of police history except for this one time. There are no other instances that anyone can point to in which police dragged a violent offender somewhere without cuffing him first.

This is MY complaint, and it has been MY complaint, from the beginning, you idiot! I'm complaining that they didn't cuff "Ruby" immediately, in view of the camera. And you have the nerve to act as though I claim that they did? 

What is wrong with you, you dumb pluck?

But yes, I do presume that Ruby responded verbally right away; at the commencement of the Charge in the Garage. That's because it was presumably a spontaneous utterance by him- part of the shock at being attacked. Why would he wait to respond? If he really didn't know why they were doing it, why wouldn't he say so right away? 

"Hey, what are you doing? This is me, Jack Ruby. You know me." 

That's how Ruby put it, and it's crazy to think he would have waited to say it. If somebody you know starts attacking you, you kinda want to know why they're doing it,  and you kinda want to know right away. And what does it mean? It means that Jack Ruby didn't know that he had done anything.  He didn't know why they were pouncing on him. That's why he asked. 

But, if he had shot Oswald, how could he not know? 

So, you're just back to your same old idiocy, misrepresenting my positions, and the spewing nonsense.

Ruby also said that police pushed him down to the ground. Down to the ground. And that's what we'd expect police to do: push the violent offender flat down on the ground, face down, get his hands behind his back, and then cuff him. But, the shooter in the garage was never pushed down to the ground. He was always on his feet. How could they have dragged him out of there so fast if he was pinned to the ground?

Can you, or can you not see that that man above is still on his feet? At no time was he pushed down to the ground in that garage. They didn't want him on the ground; they wanted him out of there. But, Ruby said, repeatedly, that police had him down on the ground. 

Then, the Idiot cites this letter. I wonder: did he read it? 

Nelson said he was stationed inside the building. Then, at 11:20, he heard a gunshot. Apparently, he didn't see what happened; he only heard it. He said it came from the area outside the basement doors, in contrast to himself who was inside the basement doors. He had to run to the doors from wherever he was inside. And when he got there, "several officers were subduing the suspect." He claimed that he "reached for the suspect's left hand and felt for a gun." But, the gun was in the shooter's right hand. Do I have to put up a fucking picture? 

"Ruby" didn't toss the gun to his other hand, did he? 

Besides, we know about the resolution of the gun: Graves took it away from "Ruby." Remember how Leavelle thanked his partner on national television. saying that he probably saved his life because, of course, "Ruby" was going to shoot again.

Here is Graves with the gun:

Do you, or do you not, see the fucking gun?????

Do you see it now? Do you, or do you not, see the gun in his hands now, you moron? 

Now, does that settle it as to who grabbed the gun from "Ruby" or do we have keep arguing about this?

So, RC Nelson wasn't even in the garage when the shot went off. He heard it inside the building, coming from the garage when he was inside. His first response was to go to the doors to keep reporters from coming in.  Then, he said that he saw several officers in front of him subduing the suspect. And that's when he claimed to feel for a gun in "Ruby's" left hand, which was the wrong hand. And note that he didn't claim to find a gun, and of course, he could not have found one since there was no gun in that hand, and the gun in his right hand was taken by LC Graves.

So, how does the above equate to Nelson claiming 50 years later to have been the one who"manhandled" Ruby into the building?

It's just bull shit. And don't forget: these are the same cops that, according to Backes, bull-shitted their way into telling a phony bus and cab ride story for Oswald, replete with phony witnesses and phony physical evidence. 

So, let's see, in the world according to Backes, the Dallas Police can be taken at their word in their account of the Oswald shooting, but when it came to Oswald's movements, they lied, lied, lied worse than Lyin' Ted Cruz. You just have to know when to believe them. Oh, and the Idiot knows.

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