Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Message to Linda Zambinini

Linda, I see that the Prayermanites took down the images of Dhority that were mistakenly displayed as Bookhout. I presume you told them to, and if so, I appreciate that you did. 

And, I also notice and appreciate that you removed from your website the claim about this tall guy being Bookhout. You have to admit that the idea that he would have had to find a pedestal to stand on to find Hosty in the hallway is pretty comical. 

But Linda, would you be sure to tell Joseph Backes you are no longer espousing this? Because: he was claiming it entirely based on YOU. So, hopefully, if he realizes that you are no longer claiming it, he may cease and desist himself.

And, I notice that you removed the picture of Tommy Collins, which you previously claimed to be Bookhout. And I thank you for that too. 

As for your new suggestion, I can't say I see it. What about this guy below matches the known images of Bookhout?

How could such a round-faced, full-cheeked young man turn into the gaunt figure above? And does that older guy look as young as 49? To me, he looks older than that. 

But again, at least you got rid of the real tall guy. Again, please see if you can get Backes to do the same. Thank you.

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