Sunday, October 30, 2016

If James Bookhout was really no less than 6 feet tall, wouldn't somebody post a picture of him? And I don't mean this fake one which has already been retracted by the person who first posted it.

And, if the people fighting me don't have a picture of him, but you really believe he was 6 feet tall, then I have a suggestion for your dim minds:  

Go to Jim Bookhout. He's reachable. Explain why you need an image of his father- to silence one Ralph Cinque. So, could he please go through his family albums and come up with at least one image of his dad which shows his true height?

Simple. Easy. Doable. So, why the hell don't you do it???????

I'll tell you this: this isn't going to be decided by anybody's lip-flapping. It's going to be decided by images. Produce a valid image of James Bookhout. I'll say it again: Produce a valid image of James Bookhout. And, don't even think about pulling any fast ones. Remember who you are dealing with. 

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