Thursday, October 27, 2016

I have some images of Jim M. Bookhout, born 1960, the son of James Bookhout. These images were all obtained legally. The first is from Jim's Linked page, and it's also on his Facebook page, and also on his public website for the Texas Peace Officer's Flag Fund, which he runs. Here's the link to it: 

Using the flag in back of him as a measuring stick, and also considering what appears to be short legs, I would venture that he is a short man. 

However, I also have some other images of him from Texas Tech University in Lubbock. This one below is from the 1980 yearbook of Texas Tech. So, it's not his image; it's from a published book. I'm saying that for legal reasons.  

So, according to the caption that went along with the photo that was published in the book, that circled young man is Jim M. Bookhout. And I think it's fair to say that he's short. He looks short compared to the other two guys.

There is also this picture of the sailing team. He is on the far right.

And here he is closer up:

I left the young lady in the image just for comparison. Again, I am satisfied that he isn't tall.

I also have one more image of him from the Texas Tech 1980 Yearbook, again, which is public domain; he does not own this yearbook. And nobody can claim I stole it because I paid a company to find it, and they are legal. You can't steal something that you paid for.

Alright, so let's hone in on that image.

OK, now let's compare him to figure in question.

First, again, for legal reasons, I am NOT stating to know that that is father and son.  But, what I am stating is that it is very conceivable from looking at it, that that could be father and son, that the likeness is great enough for it to be father and son, meaning that there is as much likeness there as what typically occurs between fathers and sons. Remember that a son has only got half his father's genes. The other half are from his mother, who presumably is in no way related to his father. So, in the pantheon of fathers and sons, to my eyes, this constitutes above-average likeness. That is my opinion, to which I am entitled. 


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