Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Open Letter to Linda Zambanini

Linda, I have messaged you on Facebook, several times, and you have never responded. Don't you check your messages?

You stated the following:

 "It turns out Bookhout looks a lot like Dhority."

But, how can you say that these two guys looked alike:

Do you see there that Dhority (behind) was shorter than Leavelle? The other guy, who was very tall, was taller than Leavelle.

So, I agree with you that Dhority and Bookhout looked alike, but this young guy with a crew cut, who was very tall, is not Bookhout.

So, that's one mistake you made, Linda, but the other one was in identifying Tommy Collins as Bookhout.

 That is a signature. Tommy Collin's signature. And he signed right over himself. I have covered this extensively:

Backes will just ignore this evidence, but there certainly is no doubt any more that the tall guy on the far right in the ROTC photo is Tommy Collins and not James Bookhout- but will you admit it?

Are you like Backes, Linda? I hope not. I hope to God not. 

James Bookhout was short, Linda. Just like the Garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

I implore you to do the right thing, Linda, and reverse yourself. Do it out of human decency and respect for the truth. 

It's OK that you made a mistake. And I say that even though you misled me for a while- about Dhority. I was never taken in by your false claim about Bookhout being the tall guy at the Midnight Press Conference. Bookhout didn't even go to the Midnight Press Conference. The point is that it's OK to make mistakes- so long as you acknowledge them as soon as you realize it. It's like a rat going through a maze. He's going to go down some dead ends sometimes, but if he quickly reverses himself and forges on, then he'll still make it to the end and get the cheese. It's the same for us.

I have already reconciled YOUR mistake about Dhority. And for some reason, Backes and them fault me alone for it even though it came from you. So you misled his friends, the Prayermanites, and they misled me, but somehow, I get blamed.  

But, that's OK, as far as you and I go. We can let bygones be bygones. But, you need to do the right thing now, and admit that Collins is Collins.

And why haven't you contacted the Prayermanites and asked them to take down that faulty information? I would have done it.  I am tempted to do it for you. But, why haven't you done it? Doesn't it bother you that false information with your name on it is still up and misleading people? 

Come on, Linda. Do the right thing.


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