Friday, October 21, 2016

It's a funny thing about the world of the "JFK community." If you advocate that the Dallas Police concocted a bus and cab ride for Oswald, replete with phony witnesses, and phony physical evidence, such as the bus transfer ticket, you're welcomed with open arms- even though it is the most ridiculous claim ever made about the case. I've mentioned that if Oswald had lived, he would have told his lawyer what he did and what the Dallas police were claiming he did. And undoubtedly, he would have been able to substantiate to his lawyer what he did. And then his lawyer, even if he was a crappy lawyer, would have gone ballistic to indict the Dallas Police for what they did. And even if you help yourself to the assumption that Fritz and his detectives knew on Friday afternoon that Oswald was a dead man, there were so many other ways the truth could have come out. Presumably, Oswald got on a bus that was loaded with people, and it was a real bus with real passengers. Someone who was on the bus could have come forward and said, "I was on that bus, and I can tell you that Oswald never got on it." Or, the person or persons who supposedly picked Oswald up in a private car could have come forward. Or someone who saw them or encountered them could have come forward. 

And why would the Dallas Police have the slightest desire to fake a bus and cab ride for Oswald? If they really thought he had an accomplice who picked him up in a car, they would want to get that guy. Dallas Police believed that Oswald killed Tippit, one of their own. For all they knew, Oswald's driver knew something about it. They would want to find him; interrogate him; etc. They weren't going to waste time faking bus and cab rides for Oswald. They were going to find out what he did and exactly how he wound up at 10th and Patton. It's ridiculous to think that they would put all that aside to concoct a phony transportation story for him.  

But, you can maintain that they did it and still be treated like a respectable researcher and invited to give speeches. Why? It's probably because it is ridiculous. Being ridiculous means that it's not dangerous. It's not a threat to the official story. 

You see, what the "JFK community" really is is a pressure relief valve so that people who want to see wrong-doing by law enforcement can latch on to something that will keep them busy, and keep them occupied, and keep them talking about prattle. 

But, Oswald in the doorway is not prattle; it is the most dangerous thing there is to the official story of the JFK assassination. And that's why it's not welcome at respectable JFK gatherings because respectable JFK gatherings, even those with a conspiracy bent, are really just Establishment techniques to keep the real JFK truth movement at bay. 

And equally devastating to Oswald in the doorway in how damaging it is to the official story is James Bookhout being the Garage Shooter of  Lee Harvey Oswald. I'm sure there are a lot of people shitting bricks over it. 

Well, it's going to get worse for those people. The Bookhout story is going to tear down the whole official story of the JFK assassination. And I'm staying on it til it does.  

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