Monday, October 31, 2016

This idea of an LBJ connection to Oswald's killing isn't far-fetched at all. Another way to put it is that the assassination of Oswald was just an extension of the assassination of Kennedy. The same people ordered both. Obviously, the actors were different, but the people behind the scenes were the same.

And who killed Kennedy? It was the "national security state" as per Vincent Salandria and David Talbot. And the only thing that changed is that one conspirator went from being Vice President to President. But, he was the same guy.

It would be foolish to think that Oswald's murder was unrelated to that group of people, that they just got lucky that somebody else killed Oswald for them. Oh, what a relief. No, no, no. They did it. The same people did it. They just got different people to carry it out because of the circumstances. 

And let's face it: they were practiced at setting up a patsy, weren't they? And that's all Jack Ruby was, a patsy.

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