Monday, October 31, 2016

The killing of Oswald and the framing of Ruby for it was a Dallas Police operation. Look at this picture: 

A gun shot has gone off already, and Fritz' reaction should have been instantaneous. He should have been startled by now, but he isn't. He hasn't turned around, and he hasn't even flinched. Now look at this:

Leavelle isn't reacting. He gave a cock-'n-bull story about seeing "Ruby" as he was moving in, jerking Oswald behind him, and then shoving "Ruby" on his left shoulder with his right hand. And I mean right there and then. He supposedly did all that BEFORE the shot went off. But, in reality, he wasn't even looking at the shooter, and he didn't react in any way until AFTER the shot. And Oswald isn't reacting. How could Oswald not be aware of the shooter there? But, the real clincher is Graves. The shooter had to literally brush by him, and I literally mean brush against him to get to Oswald, and yet, Graves didn't react until AFTER the shot as well. It is unbelievable.

OK, so we can see with our eyes that the "story" is NOT legit; it isn't real; that it was a staged thing. They're acting. They are all acting. But, who was in on it? It wasn't just the Dallas Police. It was also FBI. How do I know that? Because of this guy:

That is FBI Agent Nat Pinkston. And here he is acting like a cop, with his arms out, keeping people back. 

What is he doing there? This was supposed to be Oswald being walked 50 feet to a car, getting in, and being driven away. Why did Pinkston have to see that? And on a Sunday morning? I can understand why the reporters wanted to see it because they had cameramen with them who were going to take photos or shoot film. Images of Oswald were in high demand. But, Pinkston didn't have any camera. He wasn't going to write any story. So, why did he have to see Oswald being led out of a building and put into a car? Just try to imagine him explaining it to his wife.

Nat Pinkston: Honey, I'm going to head over to the PD and watch Oswald being put into a car on his way to the County Jail.

Pinky Pinkston: Why? What for? It's just a guy walking to a car and being driven away. Right?

Nat Pinkston: Well, you never know what might happen.

Pinky Pinkston: Like what?

Nat Pinkston: He might trip.

Pinky Pinkston: Very funny. Do you think somebody might shoot him?

Nat Pinkston: Hey, I know nothing about any plans to shoot him.

Pinky Pinkston: Well, do you consider the Dallas Police competent enough to move him a few blocks from one jail to another without getting him killed?

Nat Pinkston: Of course, I do. (acts irritated, shakes his head)

Pinky Pinkston: Then, what do you need to watch it for? He's just going to come out, walk to the car, get in the car, someone is going to put his hand on Oswald's head as he is lowered into the car, and then the car is going to drive away. That's it. So, why should that take you away from your family on a Sunday morning?

(RC: Note that there are reports that the Brinks truck was going to be used as a decoy, and Oswald was going to be driven in a police car.)

Nat Pinkston: My intuition tells me that I ought to go.

Pinky Pinkston: Oh, so, you do think something could happen on that short walk?

Nat Pinkston: Anything is possible. That's all I'm saying. 

Notice that I've got Pinky Pinkston pegged as a very smart woman. The only reason Nat Pinkston was there is because he KNEW something was going to happen, that it was not going to be just a stroll to the car. 

So, that means he was in on it too. He had foreknowledge. And with him having foreknowledge, and another FBI agent, James Bookhout, playing the role of Jack Ruby, that means that the whole FBI was in on it.  So, it was a joint venture of the Dallas Police and the FBI. 

Now, we're talking here about a plot that got Oswald killed, so it was a murder plot, and another man, Jack Ruby, framed for doing it. Those are serious crimes. What would give these Dallas police officers and FBI agents the confidence to do such dastardly things? They must have been 100%, make that 1000%, sure that there were going to be no repercussions to them, that they weren't taking any personal risk doing it, that they had complete guaranteed immunity. Where could such immunity come from? 

There is only place, and that is, the top, the President of the United States, Lyndon Johnson. JOHNSON MUST HAVE ORDERED THE HIT AGAINST OSWALD.

I don't know who LBJ talked to to launch it, but it was probably his very close friend, J. Edgar Hoover. I can imagine what he said:

"This is a national crisis, and what the country needs, more than anything, what the American people need, is: closure. It would be a disaster for the country to be bogged down in a lengthy trial. It would impede and postpone the restoration of confidence in the system. The system, Edgar, the system. It's at stake. What's needed is for the country and the people to move on, to get back to work, to get back to their normal lives."

"We know that Mr. Oswald murdered the President, and we know that he murdered a police officer. These are capital offenses. We can be certain that a jury would find him guilty and sentence him to death. But, at this most difficult and perilous juncture in our history, we do not have the window of time available to allow the wheels of justice to turn at their usual, normal pace. We should view Mr. Oswald's actions as an act of war against the United States, and as Commander in Chief, I am authorizing and ordering his immediate execution." 

Bottom line: they did it; the Dallas Police AND the FBI. They were both in on it. And they did it with complete certainty that THEY were going to be OK, that they weren't going to get in trouble. Where did that certainty come from? There's only one place: the top. Johnson and Hoover. 

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