Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This is from the man who is helping me with the Bookhout project; he's not Larry Rivera. 


There was nothing of substance in Norwood's article. The screenshot from the Gary Mack version of the WFAA film (which I suspect was massaged at least slightly) is, as you said in your response, too blurred to identify the person. The nose is absurdly wide, and the 'eyes' are not level or natural looking. I attempted a few Bookhout and Ruby overlays, but there is nothing usable.

RC: Note that this is the image the James Norwood posted; he considers it evidence of Jack Ruby. 

Norwood's hit piece is essentially an appeal to a notion of 'implausibility' but fails to differentiate between the insane implausible things people do and the likelihood or probability of things happening in the material world. 

I watched the documentary. There was one positive thing: they showed the small anteroom in which Bookhout was filmed lurking (circa 2003). The disused elevator is boarded up and looks like a bookshelf, but it's clearly the same place. The door behind Bookhout opens into an inner corridor, so they were either on their way from there to the elevator or vice versa. See attached photos. The aspect ratio of the Youtube video is wrong, and I have widened these images.

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