Saturday, October 1, 2016

Backes is dealing with his ridiculous and contradictory attitude towards the Dallas Police about as well as Donald Trump is handling the Alicia Machado fiasco: meaning that he is making it worse for himself every time he opens his mouth or tweets his tweet.

Backes: it was impossible for the Dallas Police to fake Oswald's bus and cab ride. It is inconceivable that the had the time or inclination to do it. 

And, Stupid Backes acts as though the majority of the "JFK community" agrees with him. First, there isn't a single lonenutter who says they were faked. Every single one of them says that the rides were real. So, what percent of the "community" is that? I don't honestly know, but let's say it's 50%. And among the remaining 50% who are CTs, it doesn't matter how many believe the rides were real because any amount at all added to the LNs makes it a majority. So, the majority of the JFK community believes the bus and cab rides were real. 

But, you would never know that from reading Backes. He says that the bus and cab rides aren't taken as seriously as I take them. Are you serious? Seriously? It's either/or, Backes. Either you think they happened, or you think they didn't, and "as seriously" has no relevance. 

Backes keeps saying that the "public transportation story is false" but what does he say happened instead? He's not a Roger Craig guy, but what he has said is that some unknown person drove up in some unknown car and yelled at Oswald, "Hey, Oswald! Get in the fucking car!" And they drove off. What does he base it on from the evidence pool? Absolutely nothing. It's just like his other shit: the Loveladys providing photos to the HSCA; Oswald being an anti-Castro agitator in New Orleans; he says things based on no evidence at all. 

And he has the nerve to call me a liar? 

Why don't you take a poll among your friends, Backes? Ask Bud, Robin, Pink, and Klip. I bet you they don't even support your ridiculous story that the Dallas Police invented Oswald's bus and cab rides.

Who originated the plot to claim that Oswald rode a bus and cab? It had to start as an idea in someone's mind. Right? So, who would that have been? 

Look, Backes, I know you're stupid, but just try to grasp an elementary concept: You claim that Dallas Police knew that there was never going to be a trial because Oswald was going to be killed. OK, fine. But, if they knew he was going to be killed, doesn't that mean that they had to know that "Ruby" was going to kill him? Because: Ruby killing Oswald WAS the plan by which Oswald was going to be killed. Wasn't it? So, how could they have been innocent when it happened? 

But, even if you are right that Dallas police detectives Fritz, Simms, and Boyd knew that Oswald was going to be killed, they couldn't actually know it. By that, I mean that all they could have known is that an attempt to kill Oswald would be made. They couldn't know in advance whether it would succeed. And if it didn't succeed, it's not at though they could try again. How many attempts on a prisoner's life can you let happen before it looks just plain comical? If the first attempt had failed; say Oswald survived the surgery and recovered; wouldn't he have been safe after that? How could they expect the American public to believe it if another attack on him got through police defenses? So, they were only going to get one shot at killing Oswald. Well, the CIA took a lot of shots at killing Castro, and here it is 2016, almost 2017, and Fidel Castro is still alive. He's still kicking. So, there was no guarantee that Oswald would be killed in an assassination attempt. Therefore, it was extremely risky for them to frame him for a phony bus and cab ride, since he could still live to tell the tale of what he really did instead and expose their malfeasance. So, why would they take such a chance? IT IS RIDICULOUS, BACKES!   

Backes says that Dallas Police wrote their reports about what Oswald said after he was dead. But, they submitted his bus transfer ticket, which they claimed to find on his person, into evidence at 4:00 on that Friday afternoon, and THEY COULDN'T TAKE IT BACK, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED. And keep in mind that something could have surfaced which proved that Oswald did something else EVEN AFTER HE WAS DEAD. For instance, the mystery person whom you claim picked him up, could have come forward, and provided a convincing tale of the true odyssey. How would they explain the bus transfer ticket then? So, the risk was still there even if they had absolute certainty that Oswald would be dead, and they had no such certainty.

Oswald rode the bus and cab, Backes. And you take a magic carpet ride every time you venture into JFK-land. 


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