Friday, October 14, 2016

Bye-bye, Backesbird!

I did it, Backes. I got your Wordpress blog taken down, just like I got your Blogger blog taken down all those times. I'm connected on Wordpress. I know the secret. I can reach them, just like I can reach Blogger. 

I've got people helping me, Backes. I've got people advising me what to do in these matters. These are people who want me to win, and you and yours to lose. This is a war- a vicious, nasty war- and they're on my side.  

Oswald was in the doorway, Backes, and James Bookhout was the Garage Shooter. You can't stop the truth any more than you can stop the tide. 

They needed someone a lot smarter than you to go up against me. But, the irony is that anyone who is smart can see that I'm right, and therefore, knows better than to go up against me- even if they have reasons to want to official story to endure.  

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