Sunday, October 9, 2016

Frederick Rheinstein. Get to know him. He was the NBC producer/director who directed the filming of the Oswald shooting.

Here's his obit: he died in 2013.

It says that after the assassination he went on to develop a special effects company for movies. I said: special effects. 

He claimed to have a personal encounter with Jack Ruby. (don't take that the wrong way; I mean that he said Jack Ruby stuck his head into their broadcast truck)

And look at this: 

Rheinstein's cameras were there when Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's assassin. Unlike rival CBS, Rheinstein caught this moment in 20th century history in real time. "We did have a camera live, and I was able to persuade our leaders in New York to cut to us," Rheinstein said in 2012 on a panel discussing coverage of the event. "They cut to us 30, 40 seconds before he was shot."

But wait. We hear the announcer say, "To Dallas, Texas, and Tom Petit" then immediately, it's the trio of Leavelle, Oswald, and Graves walking out. But, if they actually cut to Dallas 30 or 40 seconds before, it means that what they are showing us today as "live" footage is actually edited. Take a look: 

They know very well that nobody had a Tivo or DVD player back then with which to record programming. They also know that few people alive today actually saw it at the time. So, they can edit the whole thing to their heart's content. They can do anything they want to it. 

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