Thursday, October 6, 2016

I don't know who that guy is at the Midnight Press Conference on the far right, but he is not James Bookhout. Obviously, he is not a 50 year old man. And look how tall he is.  

That guy on the far right is a giant, well over 6 feet. James Bookhout wasn't that tall. This is him on the far right in front in this high school ROTC picture.

I saw where you found it, Backes; at Find A Grave, posted by that woman Linda. Well, Linda is wrong. The tall guy, who was probably in his 30s, with the short hair was NOT James Bookhout. She's wrong, and you're wrong, as you always are.

Now watch: the Idiot isn't going to admit he's wrong. Why? Because being stupid means never having to say you're wrong. And likewise, having no integrity, as he doesn't, means that you don't give a shit or a frying fruck about truth and rightness, as he doesn't. 

Backes cares only about the war-  with me.   

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