Friday, October 14, 2016

If Bookhout shot Oswald (and, in my opinion, it was just a pretense) why did Jack Ruby say that he did it?

Jack Ruby did not really say that. It's more like he talked around it. Jack Ruby said that he had no memory of actually doing it. He said that he remembered going to the garage, and without any intention of shooting Oswald. And he remembers being pushed to the ground by police. But, that's all he remembered. He remembered nothing in-between. He said it was all a blur. He repeatedly used the word "blur."

And even when Jack Ruby testified, at his own request, to Chief Justice Earl Warren and the Warren Commissioners, he never specifically said that he shot Oswald.

I had the gun in my right hip pocket, and impulsively, if that is the correct word here, I saw him, and that is all I can say. And I didn't care what happened to me. I think I used the words, "You killed my President, you rat." The next thing, I was down on the floor. I said, "I am Jack Ruby. You all know me."

Think about the implications of that. "I'm Jack Ruby; you all know me," as in, "Why are you doing this to me? Why are you pouncing on me? What did I do? 

To me, it sounds an awful lot like Sirhan Sirhan, who said he had no memory of shooting Robert Kennedy.

Jack Ruby was put in solitary confinement. Why? Don't tell me it was because he was violent. He was the most docile guy there ever was. Look at this picture. This was just a few minutes after the shooting, and he's so docile that nobody is even paying attention to him. I'm pretty sure they knew he was not going to go berserk, despite the circus that took place in the garage. 

So, why did they put him in solitary? Answer: to keep him from talking.

Then, he develops lung cancer and dies at 55. Jack Ruby didn't smoke, which is by far the biggest cause of lung cancer.

Was there malice involved with his death? I don't know, but I dare say that it looks suspicious. 

But, I won't be delving into it. I'm not going to try to figure it out. And that's because, regardless, he did not shoot Oswald. James Bookhout is the one who fired the shot that the world saw. The images prove it. 

But, where exactly was Ruby during the shooting? I don't know, but what I do know, is that Jack Ruby, the real Jack Ruby, was right there in the jail office several minutes after the shooting. 

So what is the story here? Supposedly, it took 7 or 8 men to subdue him.

But, it's like he had personality change once he got through the door, became as docile as a lamb, such that nobody expected anything but complete passivity from him.

So, we are supposed to assume that his shirt got ripped open during the struggle. But, the shooter had a jacket on at the time. Plus, he was bent over the whole time, such that they were pouncing on his back, and perhaps grabbing his arms. But, how would his shirt get ripped open as a result of that? 

I don't think that Ruby was in the garage at the time of the spectacle. In fact, I'd be willing to be he wasn't. I think it is preposterous to think that he was. That's because, if he was, that would have meant that instead of having two men that they had to swift out of there under cover at the same time, that they had three. Besides, if the real Ruby was there, it would have been advantageous for them to show him. Right? To let him be seen? That was the whole idea. But, we don't have an image of the real Ruby in the garage, and I am sure he wasn't there. Furthermore, if he had been there and seen it go down, then he would have had a memory of what really happened. It's pretty hard to think that you did something that you saw someone else do. 

So, I say Ruby wasn't there. They had their hands full just dealing with Oswald and Bookhout in that garage and getting them out of there.  

So, how did they get Ruby to go along with it? To not put up a fuss when he was charged with shooting and killing Oswald?  Did he willingly go along with it, knowing that he didn't do it? I don't think Ruby was of sound mind. If it was just a matter of Ruby being one of the conspirators, and this was his role in the conspiracy, then why did they fly in Dr. Louis Joylan West from UCLA, the leading CIA mind control doctor at the time? And why did Dr. West put Ruby on psychiatric medication, much to Ruby's chagrin? 

But, the point is that the powerful photographic evidence we have proves that Ruby was not the Garage Shooter. And that's true regardless of what Ruby said or plead.

But, speaking of pleading, I have to assume that Ruby plead not guilty. That's because you only have a trial if the defendant pleads not guilty. But yet, we know Ruby did not plead innocent on the basis of not having fired the shot. So, all that leaves is that he plead innocent on the basis of insanity. 

I looked it up, and yes,  Marvin Belli did plead Jack Ruby innocent on the grounds of insanity. But, it's interesting that we don't hear about it too often. John Hinckley made the same plea and succeeded with it. He was allowed to go to a very soft, un-penal-like psychiatric hospital. After so many years, he was allowed to go home to his parents on weekends. And now he's out completely. And, he must have liked the cooking there because he got plenty fat. 

But, in that case, we heard a lot about John Hinckley being insane. In fact, I'd say he's a poster boy of insane people. But, we never heard much about Jack Ruby being insane.  

But, he was not of sound mind, and the Warren Commissioners knew it. Rankin asked him: 

Mr. RANKIN. Do you recall going up the elevator after the shooting of Oswald?

Now, that's a very straight forward question, right? It's a yes or no question. But, here is how Ruby answered it: 

Mr. RUBY. That is so small to remember, I guess it is automatic, you know.

Now, that was not an answer to the question. What Ruby said was unintelligible. But, did Rankin pursue it? No, he didn't. He went on to something else. 

Mr. RANKIN. Did you have this gun a long while that you did the shooting with?

And really, Ruby's whole testimony was that way, with very few straight answers. He was not of sound mind. 

I doubt that I, or anyone, is ever going to piece together exactly what they did on Novemeber 24. But, I presume they had Ruby sequestered somewhere in the PD, and then they brought him out at the crucial time to take over the role that Bookhout started. And apparently, they did pounce on Ruby somewhere and give him the experience of a rough arrest. He referred to being pushed to the ground by police, however he never said anything about being mob-moved anywhere. And that, of course, is what we saw in that garage, a mob movement. I suggest you read Ruby's WC testimony. It is far from lucid, in my opinion, and the Warren Commissioners talked to him with sensitivity. I would even say compassion. 

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