Sunday, October 16, 2016

If you listen to the announcer in this clip, he states that the 6:30 interview was Oswald's second interview of the day.

What that means is that James Bookhout attended every single one of the Oswald interviews unless there was one on Friday evening. In his testimony, Bookhout said that he saw Oswald at the 4:00 lineup but then didn't see him again until the next morning. And it was confirmed in double statement that that's what he meant. Of course, it means that he couldn't possibly be this guy since he didn't attend the Midnight Press Conference.

How many times have I stated that Bookhout stated twice that he didn't see Oswald the evening of Friday, 22nd, which means that he did not attend the Midnight Press Conference? Quite a few. But, the Evil Joseph Backes spits in Bookhout's eye, and tells him, "No. You were there. If I say you were there, you were there." 

But, the point is that Bookhout was definitely present at all the known interviews of Oswald. Now, why would they keep having him there? I suspect there is a reason, and that reason is: BOOKHOUT HAD GOOD RAPPORT WITH OSWALD. He got him to relax. He got him to speak freely. James Hosty wasn't invited back, and that's because he agitated Oswald. 

As I listen to the tape repeatedly at high voloume, my best guess of what Oswald said to Bookhout is, "What have you got against Broadway?"

Start at the 8 second mark. The whole tape is only 35 seconds.

I am not claiming to know for a fact that he said that. I'm just saying that it's my best guess. Granted, that would have been a weird thing to say at a time like that, but the fact is that Oswald talking to Bookhout in the hall at all, and in such a conversational, familiar manner is weird in itself. 

And why would Oswald ask for a book? Was he spending that much time alone in his cell that he was bored? When exactly did he have time to read? 

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