Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's important to remember that on November 24, 1963, nobody had a Tivo or a DVD recorder. So, nobody at home recorded the Oswald shooting. I'll say it again: nobody at home recorded the Oswald shooting. 

Today, all we have is what they show us and tell us is the live footage.  But, there is this thing that people do; it's called lying. And, you can be sure that what they show us today as live footage has been edited- severely. 

Here is the so-called NBC live footage:


You notice that when it breaks to Dallas that immediately, it's the moment, the split-second, of Leavelle, Oswald, and Graves making their entrance. But, if it was live, they didn't know exactly when the three of them were going to appear. So, did NBC just get lucky?

Right at 5:06 it breaks to a blank screen, where it just looks like dark background. 

What's the technobabble excuse for that? That's what I call a curtain shot. 

Then, Bookhout rushes in, shoots Oswald, then jumps in front of him as Oswald leaps backward and then goes straight down like a freight elevator at the TSBD. Then, Bookhout dives into the swarm of cops, and they start dancing him away like a mob of penquins.

It's a funny way to arrest a guy; to dance him away like a mob of penguins. When has it ever happened before in police history? Never. 

And then we get to another curtain shot.

The purpose of these curtain shots is to keep us from seeing what was going on; what they don't want us to see. And they didn't want us to see anything. Once Bookhout dives into the swarm of cops, he gets lost. We don't see him again. And we never see Oswald again after he collapses, even though supposedly, he was picked up by two policemen and carried into the jail office. Why didn't we see it? Somehow the camera missed all that. They just couldn't capture Oswald being carried inside, could they? And it's because of all the chaos, was it? Fuck you. 

Then, we get to a whole slew of wild pandemonium, designed to show us nothing; absolutely nothing.

So, no matter how hard the cameraman tried, he just couldn't get to Oswald, huh? You believe that, do you? 

Oh, it was just so wild; so frenzied. It was chaos. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

"There's a man with a gun..." Shut the fuck up.  God-damn cameraman doesn't even step around the guy in front of him. 

 "It's absolute panic..." That's the same head in front of the cameraman.

And then, we get to a guy who is conveniently blocking the view.

Didn't this cameraman win some kind of award for this footage, as though it's great? Oh, it's great alright: for showing us nothing.

And then, when the field of view does open up, they make sure it shows us nothing: nothing of the shooter, nothing of Oswald; just nothing.

Blah, blah, blah. Then we get to this guy, which is the closest thing there is to a detective drawing his gun. But, he never actually draws it. He just puts his hand over it. 

So, what are we supposed to make of this? That after all this time, he finally decides that maybe he should take his gun out? But then he says to himself, "Nah" and doesn't take it out? Is that the story? Or, was this strictly for show, wanting to look cop-like? It's always good to look cop-like. 

Here he is afterwards. He never takes the gun out, and neither does anyone else. Yet, the reporter said, "Detectives have got their guns drawn." Oh really? Then how come we don't see it?  

Then, you hear Tom Petit saying, "Pandemonium has broken loose here in the basement..." when actually things are settling down and the pandemonium is over.

"Ruby" and Oswald are long gone now. There is truly nothing left to see. They got through it without showing us a damn thing about how "Ruby" and Oswald were removed from the scene.

This is the last frame before it breaks to the street.

Thanks for nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was all designed to show frenzy and commotion and nothing more. I said: just frenzy and commotion and nothing more, giving us nothing visible of Oswald and "Ruby" being removed. 

You're being conned here. They are playing you for a fool. Are you one? 

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