Monday, October 10, 2016

Joseph Backes claims that Dallas Police concocted phony bus and cab rides for Oswald and knew they could get away with it because they knew, from the beginning, that he was soon to be killed.

But wait. Even if that were true, according to Backes, Oswald was picked up by someone in a private car. "Hey, Oswald! Get in the fuckin' car!" Remember? That's what he said. So, even if Oswald was killed, why couldn't that guy come forward and go public with the fact that he picked up Oswald?

Do you think he would be afraid to? Maybe, but could you count on it? Would you bet your career and your life on it? Maybe the guy would have been so outraged over Oswald's killing that he didn't care. 

Plus, Backes knows as well as I do that Oswald was innocent. So, the guy, technically, committed no crime. It's not a crime to pick your friend up from work. 

And if they drove off somewhere, they may have encountered other people who saw them, became aware of them, and any of those people could have come forward- even if Oswald was dead. 

So, you see, it really is just plain stupid to think that Dallas Police would do such a thing and feel safe doing it just from knowing that Oswald was soon to die.

But, if they did know that, then, surely, they were privy to the killing that happened. Right? I mean, come on. You can't tell me that they had a plan in the works for Oswald's killing but Jack Ruby beat them to the punch. 

Plus, it is plain as day that the Garage Shooter.was not Jack Ruby.

That is a very round face on the shooter. It's not Ruby's face; it's not his ear. It's not him.

James Boohout was lucky because he got out of this life without experiencing exposure. He died in 2009 which is long before I exposed him for what he did. And he didn't shoot Oswald. He just pretended to. But, he was still complicit in Oswald's murder because I'm sure he knew very well what was going to happen next.

The person who sent me the video of Bookhout (whom I shan't name because he or she is concerned about retribution) pointed out to me that Oswald appears to talk to Bookhout in the video.

You see Oswald's lips moving, and he seems to be talking to Bookhout. And actually, as you watch it, it seems very friendly and familiar, like he knew him. It's like Bookhout was his one friend there. That's the impression I get from watching it.

It's important because in the garage when Oswald glanced at the shooter, he likewise looked at him as though he knew him.

People have assumed it's because the guy was Ruby and Oswald knew Ruby. But, Oswald knew Bookhout, and we have more evidence that Oswald knew Bookhout than we have that he knew Ruby.

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