Sunday, October 2, 2016

Juliette de la Bretoniere We cannot know whether this man was Ruby. But why would this man and the cops be in this together? Why would the DP ruin its reputation by letting the accused get shot in their own building? That doesn't make sense. The rule of law dictates that an accused should live in order to get a trial and let the public decide. So, if this was a set up, then it wasn't by the DP' doing. Not under their own roof. Unless there were darker forces ruling.
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Ralph Cinque I definitely think there were darker forces dictating it, but the Dallas Police went along with it. Why? It may have been because of one thing: Tippit. Cops don't like it when someone kills one of their own. Of course, Oswald didn't kill Tippit, but they believed he did. To this day, Jim Leavelle travels around the country talking about how he joked with Oswald and called him by his first name. Warm and folksy like. But, who does that with a double murderer? But, if Leavelle was leading him into a trap, he might have wanted to cover it up and still cover it up. The twisted friendliness, as in, "I hope he's as good a shot as you are, Lee." was overkill, in my opinion.

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