Thursday, October 13, 2016

Look at this. First, note that the ONLY images we have of James Bookhout are ones from his youth, going up to age 23. There are none beyond that; none from the JFK assassination, even though he was almost omnipresent around Oswald. 

So, even though there are no adult images of Bookhout, even the young adult images of him were altered. In this first collage, you can see that they messed with his ear. Last night, Richard Hooke said that the ear on the recently discovered image of Bookhout under arrest in the guise of Jack Ruby, doesn't match to the ear of Young James Bookhout. Well, it depends on which image of Young James Bookhout you go by.

On the right below, Young Jimmy seems to have a pointed elf ear. On the left, his ear looks round. Do I have to point out that his ears were either one way or the other, that one of these images has got to be false? Both of them have "drag queen eye brows" which you can be sure were photo-altered into existence. And on the left, he has an especially pouty lower lip which he does not have on the right. So, they finagled that too. People often have inequality in the size of their lips, but the difference is not usually as great as this.   

So, if we compare the image on the right to the senior Bookhout, their ears don't match. But, look what happens when we use his other youthful image:

Bingo. Problem solved. In this case, the ears match just fine. 

You have to realize that the photographic manipulation of the JFK assassination started immediately and never stopped, and it has continued to this day. It goes on and on forever.

That is James Bookhout under arrest and posing as Jack Ruby. They were obviously trying to get him out of there when they ran into someone who insisted on a photo, and they didn't know how to get out of it. Afterwards, they sought to blur him up and do other things to conflate him with Ruby, and they figured nobody would notice. Well, somebody did.   

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