Thursday, October 13, 2016

Paul Stevens I believe that Oswald did not Kill Kennedy and was of the opinion that he probably knew nothing of the assassination plot. Ralph's work and others have convinced me that Hack Ruby didn't shoot Oswald and I like what I'm reading about Bookhout. But if a blank was fired at Oswald then Oswald faked injury. If he agreed to do this he must have known about the plot in advance. When Oswald was matched out in a fashion that screams "if you wanna kill me do it now" he glanced at someone he knew. As if he knew what was going to happen. And yes, with all the internal injuries he sustained where is evidence of blood? Certainly not on his hands or floor. So the shot at Oswald could have been blank and I'm inclined to think it was. But this means he was an accessory before the fact does it not? Please someone tell me I'm wrong and why. This bit bugs me.
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Oswald Innocence Campaign You make some good points, Paul Stevens, and it's troubling. All we can do is speculate. Yes, I think Oswald faked it in the garage. But, I think they must have told him something like, "Yes, Lee, we believe you, that you have ties to US intelligence community. And we can get you out of this. But, we want to fake your death because no matter what we tell the public, there are people out there who will want to kill you and will continue to try to kill you- until they do. The only way to call off the dogs is to convince the world that you are already dead. Then, we'll skirt you away somewhere, and we'll figure out a way to reunite you with your family when things settle down. It's the only way we can get you out of this alive." Of course, they were lying. I believe the garage shooting was a ruse. But, they did hustle Oswald inside afterwards. And I think that most likely they sedated him quickly, either with a needle they stuck into him or perhaps with chloroform. And then, perhaps in a bullet-proof room, they very carefully shot him, delivering a fatal trauma consistent with the shot in the garage. It all could have happened very quickly, before reporters were allowed in. If I am getting this right, then it means that Oswald was really out of it when they wheeled him out on the stretcher and loaded him into the ambulance.

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