Saturday, October 8, 2016

Question: Are the Prayermanites really just CIA-connected dis-info agents?

Recall I said that it was the Prayermanites who misled me about Bookhout/Dhority.   

And after making those false claims, look what they say: 

Special thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini for the large majority of the James Bookhout finds.

Oh really? Because Linda Giovanna Zambanini did not represent any of those Dhority images as Bookhout. 

It's got to be the same Linda Zambanini, right? Of course, Linda has got problems of her own using the above false image of Bookhout. He didn't even go to the Midnight Press Conference. And he was 50: not 35

But, I have to wonder if the Prayermanites did it on purpose. 

Are Greg Parker and the Prayermanites really working for the other side? 

So then, I got to thinking: maybe the whole situation with James Bookhout and his images, and his lack of images, is even darker and more diabolical than I realized. 

What if even the school photos of him are part of the disinfo?

What I am wondering, specifically, is: did James Bookhout really have eyebrows like this?

Those eyebrows are very unusual. If you're a guy, go up to a mirror and look at your eyebrows. Are they shaped anything like that? That is the shape that women may give their eyebrows, either because they tweeze them that way OR because they paint them on that way. It is just not normal for a man. Nature isn't that flamboyant.

So, I really have to wonder if these eye brows are bull shit:

So, what do you think? Are those his real eyebrows? Or, do you think it's part of the deception?  And remember that these young images of Bookhout are all that we officially have. There are NO recognized images of James Bookhout from the time and circumstance of the JFK assassination. 

But, regardless of what you think about that, how could Greg Parker and the Prayermanites take images of Charles Dhority and claim they were James Bookhout? And then give thanks to Linda Zambanini who claimed no such thing?

It's weird, and it's troubling. 

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