Monday, October 3, 2016

Read this quote from the revered JFK researcher Mary Ferrell. It was a statement she made at a symposium for the 30th anniversary of the JFK assassination, held, of course, in November 1992. 

Towards the end, she lists some issues which she obviously thought were paramount, and one of them was: the existence of phony images of Oswald. Her exact words were: "images of Oswald that are obviously not Oswald." I wrote about that recently, citing an image of him, supposedly from Minsk, which is obviously not him. But, there are a lot of phony images of him. Some of them are composite images which are partly him and partly someone else, but here is one that isn't him at all. Here is an image, supposedly of Lee Harvey Oswald, that isn't remotely him. It's not at all him, and it doesn't even look like him.  

 Here, on the left below, is supposedly Oswald shooting as a Marine, but that's not him. Compare the ears. 

Here is another Marine pic of the guy with severely sloping shoulders, which the Oswald of fame did not have:

Oswald did not have shoulders like that. I said: Oswald did not have shoulders like that. Here is another phony image of Oswald from the Marines. Oswald was never this stocky and big-shouldered at any time in his short life.

Here is a phony image of Oswald supposedly from his visa application at the Cuban Consolate. There may be elements of his face below, but that long, tubular neck isn't his nor are the thick, husky shoulders. And look at the phony eyebrows. Didn't they get a bit carried away? 

The image below is from 11/22/63. It may be him, but it is so heavily altered and doctored that it counts as a phony image. You remember how skinny Oswald was, don't you? Look at the girth on this guy. 

Then, there are the phony images of Oswald in Mexico City. All of these guys were reportedly Oswald:

Then, there is this image of Oswald from Robert Oswald's book that is clearly not the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame:

The Oswald of fame was never that stocky at any time during his short, miserable life.

This is the famous composite photo of Oswald, supposedly from Russia. Two different half-faces were put together. Observe the zig-zag hairline. 

Here's the one supposedly from Minsk that I wrote about recently. Oswald was never this stocky, and he didn't have a mole on his neck.

Here is an image supposedly of Oswald that was published in a Ft. Worth newspaper after he defected to Russia. It's obviously not him:

Here's an image, supposedly from Russia, in which he has an unusually long, giraffe-like neck:

Here is another phony Marine pic. Not his face; not his build; not his neck; nada. This is definitely not the Oswald of fame:

And finally, here is supposedly an image of Oswald shortly after enlisting in the Marines that is definitely not him.

Amazingly, this image below is also supposed to be Oswald as a young Marine, and it is. It really is. But, compare it to the one above. How could they both be him?

How could these both be him at at age 17? What was he manic/depressive? Look at the difference in facial countenance.

Why are there so many phony images of Lee Harvey Oswald? That is a probing question in itself, worthy of a volume. But, I'll leave you with this: if the JFK assassination were really a matter of a deranged Lee Harvey Oswald shooting President Kennedy because he hated America or because he wanted to leave his mark on history, there wouldn't be any phony images of him. There wouldn't be any. But, there are a lot.

Here now is that haunting, prescient, moving statement by Mary Ferrell which provoked this endeavor:  

As the thirtieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy descends on us, I am much concerned that we are on the threshold of a failure from which there will be no forgiveness.
We must win this struggle for truth ... and do so very quickly, lest the assassination of President Kennedy flounder on some remote shoulder of highway, in a century whose history is on the way to the printer. In the next century, this case could be relegated to obscure questions on high school history examinations....
Time is our most relentless and uncompromising enemy. But what happens during this conference can make a difference. Of course we will be scoffed at and demeaned by the media and the wagging fingers of Warren Commission survivors, scolding us for refusing to believe the conclusions of these honorable men....
But history teaches us that significant changes are often accomplished by small numbers of people, facing large odds. Many of them have succeeded in defiance of the government.
Thomas Paine, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Washington and their followers represented a tiny fraction in this country's population. As it was with that tiny faction, I have every confidence that you are representative of millions who share your view....That is what keeps us united in our cause. It is a view, according to the polls, which is held by an overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens--that a conspiracy and government-sponsored cover-up blotted out the rights of our citizens and sanctity of the rule of law.
And that is what will forever be paramount among all of the issues which continually dog our deliberations. Issues about autopsy photos, magic bullets, pictures of Oswald which are obviously not Oswald, numbers and styles of coffins, and all the other issues, cannot eclipse the ultimate violation of the rights of citizens in a democracy designed for the people....
If we are truly living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we'd better damn well prove it now....
     -- Mary Ferrell, November 1992

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