Thursday, October 13, 2016

So, this is Oswald in the middle of a conversation with this guy, saying, "What have you got against..." something.

That guy is not a Dallas detective. They didn't have any pipsqueak Dallas detectives. He's not a reporter because Oswald had no opportunity to get into conversations with reporters. It's obvious that Oswald was continuing something that had started earlier. The guy isn't a Secret Service agent. They didn't have any pipsqeak Secret Service agents. And, there were only two FBI agents that we know of who were involved. One of them was James Hosty, but this guy is definitely not James Hosty. So, who's left? I'll tell you who's left. James Bookhout is left. And that is who that guy is. And that is why they obscured him.

And consider this: where they were going was into Fritz' office for Oswald's second interrogation. And you can see both of them, Oswald and the other man, turn into that office. Well, Bookhout attended that interrogation. We know that for a fact. He said he did. He told the Warren Commission that he saw Oswald at the evening interrogation on Friday evening, which was that interrogation, and then he saw him again the next morning for his first interrogation of that day. So, the first three interrogations of Lee Harvey Oswald, James Bookhout attended. 

So, that is definitely and absolutely James Bookhout, and there is no one else he could be. And, it is why they zeroed out his face. 

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