Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So, today is supposed to be Oswald's birthday, but I don't know that it is. It would be an amazing coincidence if it was. It's the birthday of the other Oswald, the one who was born in New Orleans. But, that is not the Oswald of fame. The Oswald of fame was born in Eastern Europe, possibly Hungary, according to John Armstrong.

The following is by John Armstrong:

"During the late 1940s and early 1950s thousands of Eastern European refugees were brought to the United States. National Security Council records show that Frank Wisner, the CIA's director of clandestine operations, oversaw the re-location of anti-Communist exiles to the United States as a means of rewarding them for conducting secret operations against the Soviets. The CIA secretly subsidized the refugee relief organizations that brought these Eastern Bloc refugees to the United States throughout the late 1940s and 1950s. Many were resettled in New York City, where they learned to speak English, and continued their propaganda efforts against the Soviet Union with the patronage of the CIA. A young boy, later given the name "HARVEY Oswald" may have been among these Eastern European refugees and, along with his caretaker (a woman who was given the name "Marguerite Oswald"), may have been subjects of a CIA related file. In January, 1953, the House on Un-American Activities in New York had a file on a "Marguerite Oswald." This file contained references to 1941, Nazi's, New Jersey, and was eventually discovered in a CIA office of Security file. The Assassination Records Review Board requested this file, which apparently contained background information related to "Marguerite Oswald," but their request was denied."

"Following the assassination of President Kennedy, a Mrs. Jack Tippit, of Westport, Connecticut, telephoned the FBI and said that she had just received a phone call from an unknown foreign woman who asked if she was related to police officer J.D. Tippit who was killed in Dallas. The unknown woman said that she knew Oswald's father and uncle, who were from Hungary, said they used to live near 77th and 2nd Avenue in Yorkville, New York City, and spent all of their time on "Communist activities." The identity of the woman remains unknown, but her statements about Oswald's eastern European heritage and the neighborhood in which he lived seem more and more plausible as we study and learn about the life and background of a second "Lee Harvey Oswald," the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy in 1963."

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