Saturday, October 15, 2016

So, who had the shooter? On the left, you see that big guy with no hat with his arms secured around the shooter. And then just a few seconds later, it's somebody else, another guy, not nearly as tall and wearing a Fedora hat, and now he's got his arms around the shooter.

So, what the fuck happened?????  Did the first guy lose his grip? Did the mighty Bookhout or "Ruby" as some like to call him, break free? So then, the other guy had to grab him? Is that the story?

Look: the whole thing is theater. The whole thing was an act. It was a play, and these were the actors. And they actually thought that nobody was going to notice that they changed the cast half-way through this 10 second play.

Don't believe anything that's claimed about the killing of Oswald. It's all a complete lie, starting with the idea that Ruby did it. He wasn't even in the garage at the time.

This is going to end badly for those who have been fighting me. And I suspect that the ones using aliases will just disappear into the woodwork- like they never existed. Puff, and they'll be gone. And, I think they know that the time is coming. 

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