Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Idiot Backes put up the Bookhout hallway clip with Oswald from the 3 shots movie. It's a little better, but it shows the same thing. Here it is from 3 shots:

Look how much of Oswald's features we are seeing on the right? How come we can't see them on Bookhout on the left? When I took it from Youtube, this is what I got.

There's not that much difference, you stupid shit. Anyway, that is James Bookhout on the left, to whom Oswald is talking.

 That's him. They probably did add some height to his hat just to hide how short he really was. Also, we know from his SMU photos that his hair was very dark. So, I suspect they lightened his hair in this frame just to avoid reminding us of this:

Yeah, they definitely messed with that hat on the right, trying to give him some more elevation, to hide his diminutive stature, like the Garage Shooter. Also, the taller hat distracts away from his linkage to the Garage Shooter. That is Bookhout. And there is no one else he could be. He turns into the homicide office for the 6:30 Saturday interview. He's not Fritz. He's not one of Fritz' detectives. He's not Nash. He's not Kelly. There is no one else he could be except Bookhout. And who else would Oswald have conversed with in the hall? Who else did he know among his captors? 

You struck out, Backes, as usual. 

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