Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This is the first glimpse that we get of Ruby after the fracas in the garage in which Ruby was hustled away under cover.

So, his jacket is off; his shirt is completely undone, wide open, and spread apart, yet his tie is still tight around his neck. Exactly how did he get in that condition starting out like this?

How do you get from A to B?

How could his jacket come off in the struggle? They're grabbing him, but he's got his jacket on, right? It doesn't come off, does it? How could it possibly come off? And how could his shirt become completely undone? While his tie remains tight around his neck? 

Let's look at the times. In this footage, Ruby has just shot Oswald. Note the time: 21 seconds. 

Now note the time:

The 43 second mark. So, 22 seconds have elapsed, unless the tape was edited. So, in that 22 seconds, Ruby was hustled away-into the building. And now the camera is inside, and Ruby is being led along in that condition. The pandemonium concerning him is long over. It's like it started 22 hours ago rather than 22 seconds ago. Oswald is, presumably, lying down on the floor there inside the police building, and the men are gazing down at him. And Ruby is being led along, largely being ignored. But, what happened to his jacket, and how did it come off? It, obviously. didn't come off in the garage, and most of those 22 seconds got used up in the garage. So, how did it come off? How did his shirt get unbuttoned? Are we supposed to believe that, in the midst of the struggle, his shirt buttons were ripped off? Is that the idea? And then, look at this:

It's 5 seconds later, and he's got his jacket back on?

If you want to watch this shit, the whole tape is just 53 seconds. It's pure theater. 


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